Did You Know These About Diabetes?

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September 17, 2016
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September 30, 2016

-Someone dies every 10 seconds of complications related to type 2 diabetes.

-Type 2 diabetes is among the top 10 death reasons in the world, notably the US.

-Every 1 dollar of every 10 dollars spent on health goes to diabetes treatment.

-Diabetes patients spend 2.5 times more on health compared to healthy ones.

-Excessive fat accumulation causes 90% of type 2 diabetes.

-If this rise continues, almost half of all the people will have been affected by diabetes in the coming 10 years.

-While the rate of diabetes is 9% in normal population, it goes up to 25% in morbid obese people.

-One of the most effective ways to cure type 2 diabetes is bariatric and metabolic surgery.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Although there are two groups of diabetes as type 1 and type 2, 95% of all cases is type 2. Leading reason of this form of illness is obesity. Type 2 diabetes also causes higher risk of death of several cancer types, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, renal impairment, depression, loss of organs, neuropathy, and impotence types. Type 2 diabetes causes 80% of rise in early death risk and 80% decrease in life expectancy.

Basic treatments of type 2 diabetes are diet, exercise, and weight loss. Moreover, patients can keep their blood sugar on a certain level with some additional medicine. Illness may worsen in time. In that case, gradually increasing amounts of medicine may be necessary.

Bariatric Surgery and Type 2 Diabetes

Once, it was thought that diabetes was an incurable and irreversible illness. However, it has been shown that diabetes patients, who had obesity surgery, stopped taking medicine in long term and this impact has continued for years.

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