Obesity in Turkey

As in all over the world, obesity rates in Turkey are increasing rapidly, and we are heading towards becoming the most obese society in Europe. According to the research conducted by the Ministry of Health, the incidence rate of obesity reached 20.5% in men and 41% in women in 2010. According to the data from TURDEP (Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Study), this rate is higher than 27% in men and 44% in women.


Istanbul is the city having the highest obesity rates (33%). Eastern Black Sea is the leading region in this regard, with a percentage of 33.1%. Despite the dietary habits in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia that mainly contains oily foods, obesity rates are around 20% as a result of more movement and natural foods. Childhood obesity rates have reached 8.5%. The rate of overweight children has reached 14.3%.
Turkish women are the fattest and most sedentary women in Europe, according to the Turkey Healthy Nutrition Report released jointly by the World Health Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health, which has proven the fact that the data from the Ministry of Health have gotten worse in recent years. In this report, the obesity rate was declared to be 34% for women and 22% in children.

Turkey has also been found to be the country consuming the highest rates of salt per capita (15 grams a day) and high sugar content drinks. Our country is also among the countries where trans fats are used the most.

Reducing the salt consumption by only 30% in Turkey will protect 165,000 people by reducing the number of cerebral hemorrhage and associated strokes. It will also decrease the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases by 110 thousand.