Patients With Obesity Surgery Are Unwilling To Quit Smoking!

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September 16, 2016
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September 27, 2016

Elderly Patient Wearing Oxygen Mask and Smoking Cigarette

Nutrition, Exercise and Smoking Habits After Obesity Surgery

Patients are more careful about changing their eating habits after bariatric surgery but they are not so in increasing physical activity and quitting smoking. According to the study published in Springer Open, researchers state that patients should be encouraged to work with a bariatric dietician, a psychologist, and an exercise specialist after the surgery so that they can get the ultimate results.

It has been shown by a study of Milan University that even if patients go under the same operation, the differences in eating habit changes, frequency of food consumption and physical activities may affect the weight loss process after the surgery.

In this study, without noticing the surgery they had, it has been proved that almost none of the patients quit smoking. Weight loss was different depending on operation type but change of the eating habits was effective as a positive indicator for all types of operations. So, long-term multidisciplinary support after bariatric surgery is a very important element to reach the best results of weight loss.

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